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Alf the Penguin Owl plus FREE Big Hoot Plush Owl

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Alf the Penguin Owl comes with a FREE plush Big Hoot toy.

A superstar of The Big Hoot trail, the real Alf is the leader of the Gentoo penguin colony at The National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham. While the curator, James Robson, has his reservations around the accuracies of the statue, Alf was adamant that his ‘owl’ equivalent required a snorkel and goggles. Brilliantly witty and massively popular Alf created a splash on the trail.

Created using original artwork by artist Deven Bhurke to reflect the street-sized sculpture.

The figurine is 13cm tall and comes in a stylish presentation box.

The Big Hoot plush owl toy is approximately 26cm tall.

Steet appearances: The Big Hoot, Birmingham, 2015.

Product code: OL008PEN-P.

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